Sports & Social Projects

Investment areas detailment:

a) Coaching:


Coaches are an important part in finding the path to the podium. When Brazil wins they do not stand on top of the podium and neither receive a medal. But these selfless individuals serve as leaders, mentors, motivators, supporters and assume the role of parents and friends. Elite coaches play a key role in preparing and training our athletes for a dignified podium performance.

A good coach provides an in-depth analysis of the athlete performance, helps to improve their technique, to optimize their training and ultimately ensures that they achieve their full potential.

The reality is that the world's best coaches and technicians are in high demand and will go to the country that offers the best opportunity and financial incentives.

Being a SustenCard associate, we will ensure that our successful coaches remain in Brazil. Your support will ensure that our elite athletes and next generation of athletes will train with more experienced mentors in their sport, providing the essential knowledge for success.


b) Nutrition:


It is extremely important for elite athletes fuel their bodies to maximize performance. Nutritional requirements of an athlete are based on a number of factors, including the training volume, body composition, type of activity, and health issues. They need to eat the right foods at the right time.

It is not always easy for athletes to have access to proper nutrition. Athletes may not have the financial means, or go to school, to work, leaving them unable to have the right foods or prepare them. Without proper fuel our athletes will not be able to play its maximum.

Being a SustenCard associate, we will ensure the Olympic athletes and the athletes of the next generation access to nutritionists and food needed to supply the body with the right nutrients, grow muscles, improve physical recovery and maximize results.



c) Equipments:


Every athlete in any sport requires equipment to be successful. A simple running shoes can cost R$ 1,000.00, a tennis racket R$ 799.00 and a fiberglass rod for the Pole vault may exceed R$ 1,200.00. Athletes will need the best in class equipment to keep up competitively against their international rivals. Equipment gives athletes an edge, and sports where the position is determined based on hundredths of a second, the equipment can mean the difference between gold or stay out of the podium.

Being a SustenCard associate, we will ensure that the next generation of Olympic athletes have the proper equipment to reach the highest level in their sport.



d) Daily Training:


To be in the Olympic Games means a reward of years of sacrifice by the athletes and their families. Unfortunately, many Brazilian athletes are forced to cut their careers in the short term because the financial burden is simply too much for them to keep the daily training.

The price for the success of high performance athletes varies depending on the sport, but among coaches, equipment and the best materials, training facilities, travel and other expenses, can cost more than R$ 20,000.00 per year . And for athletes train and compete at the highest level, it takes 8-12 years to hone their technical level.

Being a SustenCard associate, we will help the next generation of athletes to have access to daily training environment they need to succeed. The training cost limits the possibility of young athletes to realize the podium Olympic dream, but with your donation, we can ease the burden of training costs for them and their families.


e) Sports Science:


The science and sports medicine are the foundation for the health of any athlete. Unfortunately, injuries are sometimes unavoidable when athletes are training with high intensity and frequency. Our Brazilians athletes need access to doctors for diagnosis and prompt treatment and it causes a very high physical and mental stress for athletes.

With the help of biomechanical technology and high-performance specialists, athletes can study their movements to eliminate inefficiencies. This type of work helps athletes perform better and prevent injuries. With the incorporation of the cutting-edge technology, as altitude chambers and tracks spanning explosiveness, elite athletes of Brazil can analyze and improve their sporting behavior to stay healthy and compete at their best.

Being a SustenCard associate, we will help our athletes to stay physically and mentally healthy, so they will be able to train and compete even longer.


f) Competition:


Travel expenses is just a small spot of a financial iceberg of an athlete.

Olympic and high performance athletes are responsible for a portion of the expenses of its staff which may include travel and accommodations for competition. Athlete also spent on competitions and Sport federations fee. The costs of competitions vary according to the sport but the average is around R$ 5,000.00 to R$ 30,000.00 over a year.

Being a SustenCard associate, we will help ease the financial stress that the athletes face, so they can concentrate on theirs competition performance.

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