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Through SustenCard sport benefits club your company improves employee morale, corporate image and promotes quality of life by encouraging sport practice. Your employee will receive discounts in various styles of gym: traditional, fighting, cross fit, sports advisory, massage clinics, physiotherapy, sports medicine, nutritional monitoring, supplements and vitamins and also sportswear to workout with the best products on the market.
Retain Talents
Do you want to attract and retain your talents? Do you want to motivate and improve the relationship between you and your employees?
Enhance Productivity
Do you want to enhance productivity and performance?
Reduce absenteeism
Do you want to reduce absenteeism, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, stress and incidence of many preventable injuries and diseases?
Transform the national sport
Do you want to be perceived as a company that besides being committed to the well-being of your employees still wants to transform the national sport?
Solution a low cost
Do you want a low cost, but high value added solution?

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SustenCard Sports Benefits

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