Who we are
SustenCard is the only sports benefits club to promote social projects focused on the national grassroots sport. We offer to our associates benefits in the main sport´s companies: Garments and sports materials, gyms, swimming, equestrian, weightlifting, martial arts, cross fit, fencing, sports consultancy firms, sports clinics, sports medicine, physiotherapy, massage, supplements and vitamins, nutritionists and miscellaneous services. SustenCard is an innovative and collaborative initiative, unprecedented, for national sports. We encourage our associate to practice sports and have a better quality of life.
We have supported and worked together with Sports Institutes, Clubs and Sports Federations to improve the athletes needs from the national grassroots sport to achieve continuous sporting excellence.
SustenCard is independent, funded with own funds and does not receive any annual lottery funding, Sports Incentive Law or Sports Ministry and has no political interests.
The success of our mission is entirely dependent on our Benefits Club and promotional actions to raise funds within companies partnerships.
SustenCard is committed to supporting the growth of the sports system in Brazil and through its strategic partners that provides sports education activities in schools, we can identify potential athletes who may follow the path for the podium.
Our partners also share, with SustenCard, the same dream of improving support for the national grassroots sports. Click on each partner and get your product and service with exclusive discount.
If your company also believes that the sport is capable of transforming a nation, click here, join SustenCard and do as our partners below.
To encourage our clients to practice sports and have a healthier life. To develop and promote the Brazilian sports movement within the principles of the Olympic values of friendship, excellence and respect. To bring opportunities for social and educational development through sport with our partners. To support the training and preparation of grassroots athletes. To transform Brazil into a sports nation.


To be a reference in sports benefits and social projects for sports.


We act with transparency, integrity and ethics in all actions. We act without political or religious ties. We work with consistency and persistence. Our team has a "sparkle in their eyes," a desire to "do," is restless, "out of the loop," passionate about sports, for social welfare and believes it makes a difference.


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